Fuse Boxes

BEAR Contractors has been providing electrical repair and services since August of 2000, and although the principals and theory of electricity have remained the same, the National Electric Code has gone through many extensive changes to improve the safety of life and property. It is sad to say, that a lot of people are unnecessarily electrocuted and fires are started every day, from improper or poorly maintained electrical systems.

Many people reading this, will remember the days when fuses where used in in a homes main panel box. Although fuses are still used in disconnects, as well as in commercial and industrial applications, they are no longer accepted as safe protection for residential home panels. Some homes and buildings still have fuse boxes, and during there time, it was one of the only options to use. Unfortunately, throughout the years, a few different things tended to happen.

The biggest problem that we have encountered over the years, and that leads to many fires, is over sizing of the fuse that was intended to be installed to keep the wiring safe. Basically what happens when a fuse burns out, and some would assume that going with a bigger size fuse would solve the problem, or just take any fuse they had lying around and replace the one that burnt out.

To those that may not know, let me explain how a fuse works: When a fuse burns out, it happened for reason, or simply put “It did its job”, it kept the wire from catching on fire. Fuses are made to be matched to a specific size wire, and to protect the wire that it is connected to from catching on fire when the amperage is exceeded. Fuses are rated in Amps, so for another example: A 15 amp fuse would be correctly sized with a #14 gauge wire, but what happens in a lot of cases, is the 15 amp fuse burns out, and someone will replace it with a 20 amp fuse or higher. By doing so, they have created a recipe for certain disaster; because now instead of the 15 amp fuse that originally did its job and burnt out when the amps was reached 15, the new 20 amp fuse put in its place, will now heat the wire and not burn out: Result = Fire

If you need a fuse box, electrical wiring, repairs, or inspections, give BEAR Contractors Electrical Team a call, and a experienced technician will help you get your electrical circuits working correctly.

Never try to fix a damaged electric devices yourself; injury or sudden death can occur.

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