Circuit Breaker Repairs


Circuit breakers, the last line of defense in your electrical system, can sometimes give you trouble, and Bear Contractors Electrical Team can help. We are here to offer you expertise troubleshooting skills and repair services to meet or exceed your expectations.

A circuit breaker is a switch that allows electricity to flow when you have it closed (on position) and stops electricity from flowing when it is open (off position). The breakers are rated by the amount of current (Amps) and voltage (Volts) that they will allow to flow through them before tripping (turning off). The circuit breakers automatic shutoff is a safety mechanism that helps to protect your home, business and persons, if too much current tries to flow through the circuit.

In the past, homes and businesses used fuses panels to accomplish this safety task, and some still have fuse boxes protecting their circuits. Bear Contractors Electrical Team can install a new breaker panel, upgrading your application, and eliminating the need of buying and replacing fuses.

If you need a circuit breaker repaired or inspected, give BEAR Contractors Electrical Team a call, and a experienced technician will help you get your electrical circuits working correctly.

Never try to fix a damaged electric devices yourself; injury or sudden death can occur.

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