Ceiling Fan Installations


For home or business, Bear Contractors has the expertise and tools to install your ceiling fan correctly.

We also can help you select the proper fan type and size for your application.  All fans are not the same and you should have a professional help you with the installation.  In particular, you want to make sure the fan in mounted correctly and has the correct box to support it from the ceiling.

You should should also think about the size of the room when choosing the size and speed, whether for residential or commercial.  If a ceiling fan is too small, then it won’t feel like it is doing much for you.  If your ceiling fan is to big for your room, you may feel like you are in a hurricane.

Always consider the manufacturer and warranties offered for each particular fan.

The number and style of lights on the fan will greatly affect how the fan looks and illuminates your room.  Be sure to think about this before you buy your fan.

Ceiling fans are almost a necessity in South Louisiana, just be sure to do your due diligence and have a professional company like Bear Contractors install it for you.

If you need fans repaired or inspected, give BEAR Contractors Electrical Team a call, and a experienced technician will help you get your electrical fans working correctly.

Never try to fix a damaged electric devices yourself; injury or sudden death can occur.

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